Boilermakers Local 92
M.O.S.T - Mobilization, Optimization, Stabilization, Training
M.O.S.T was established as an umbrella funding mechanism, through collective
bargaining, to assure adequate funding for new and existing programs designed to
improve the workplace, and to train Apprentices and upgrade Journeyman and Foreman
skills.  For more information on M.O.S.T. programs, and the National Tripartite Alliance
Conference, call:  

M.O.S.T. National Tripartite Alliance Conference
The National Tripartite Alliance is a joint labor/management group established by the
International Brotherhood of Boilermakers and the National Association of Construction
Boilermaker Employers (
NACBE).  This tripartite alliance between union, contractor, and
owner has grown from a small group in the Ohio Valley and Northeast Area to an annual,
nationwide meeting of several hundred representatives.  These representatives form
committees to identify problems and generate solutions that are mutually beneficial.  
This conference is usually held in October, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

In recent years, the M.O.S.T. National Tripartite Conference has been augmented by
regional and local lodge conferences in several areas of the United States and Canada.  
This alliance is carried through to project and job-site coordination and completion.  The
purpose of these programs is to meet current Boilermaker manpower needs and to
prepare a skilled workforce for the future, while maintaining and increasing Boilermaker

Programs Under the Umbrella of M.O.S.T.
Common Arc Corporation
- is a welder performance/qualification maintenance
program designed to do away with multiple welder qualification testing.  This program
reduces the cost of testing for the contractor and the owner/client.  A welder takes a
single test administered by multiple contractors.  Welders are tested on their own time,
not at contractor expense.  All tests are conducted in keeping with
ASME Section IX
Welding Code.  For information, Common Arc Corp:  

Boilermaker National Reserve Center
- is a national computer database that contains
a profile of individuals who have the skills require to work in the Boilermaker industry.  
Applicants, unions, and contractors have access to the Reserve Centers, 24 hour,
toll-free phone number.  For more information call M.O.S.T.:

Safety & Hazard Recognition and Drug Screening Program
Safety and Training
- A supplemental program providing consistent implementation of
safety requirements and hands on training, for labor and management, in an OSHA-10
course.  M.O.S.T. can provide pre-job safety conferences, daily safety inspections,
safety meetings, audits, and site monitoring.

Drug Screening - Annual drug testing is paid for and performed by M.O.S.T.  
Boilermakers must be drug screened before they are allowed on the 'Out-of-Work List".  
We do everything possible to ensure a drug free workforce.  For more information call

Boilermakers National Joint Apprenticeship Program (BNAP)
- M.O.S.T
contributes to and provides training for Boilermaker Apprentices, and provides skills
upgrades for Journeymen Boilermakers in conjunction with the Boilermakers National
Apprenticeship Program.
M.O.S.T Program/
Project Labor Agreement
From an article by Bob Balgenorth, President, State Building and Construction
Trades Council of California.

A PLA is an agreement that defines wages and work rules for a project and is
approved by labor and the awarding public body before the project begins.  It
eliminates the need to negotiate a separate labor agreement with each
contractor and each building trade, and sets up a process of conflict
resolution to deal with the occasional job dispute.  A large project involves
many separate union and non-union contractors, each with its own schedule
of starting times, holidays, and other ancillary work rules. A PLA coordinates
these differences.

PLA's were first devised in the 1930' to coordinate huge projects like the
Grand Coulee Dam.  In those days, nearly all construction workers belonged
to a labor union.  PLA's are even more useful now, in an era when many
non-union workers are on the job.

A PLA represents a meeting of the minds between labor and management.  
The centerpiece of a PLA is a "no strike" clause (disputes are resolved before
they reach an impasse).  It virtually eliminates the threat of walkouts and other
job actions.  This protection against delay is imperative in a large public
project, where just a few days lost to a labor dispute can cost taxpayers
millions of dollars.  A PLA is the best tool yet devised to manage risk.

In fact, non-union contractors are among the winning bidders on many
projects covered by a PLA.  ...on public projects all workers, union and
non-union, are paid at the "
prevailing wage", and all contracts are awarded
to the lowest bidder.  ...(cost) overruns were caused by mistakes in the design
or engineering of these projects, not by the PLA.  With a PLA, there are no
cost overruns on labor costs - they are predictable..