Boilermakers Local 92
Becoming Foreman/ Steward
The Foreman and Steward are liaisons between the union, the member, and
the contractor/client.  They must promote the union and set a positive example
for their fellow union members.  They must be part of the solution not part of
the problem.

When selecting a Foreman or Steward, Boilermakers Local 92, the contractor,
and their clients look for someone who:
  • has built an exceptional personal reputation, and developed a good work
  • exhibits initiative, and possesses exceptional leadership skills
  • is dependable; showing up on the job site, each scheduled work-day, in
    time to prepare
  • takes responsibility for themselves and their fellow union members
  • takes their job seriously and is knowledgeable about how the union
  • is familiar with Boilermaker By-Laws, Referral Rules, and Constitution
  • knows the scope of work and is familiar with the contract under which the
    job is being run
  • makes sure that the members provide quality workmanship and follow all
    safety guidelines

Each Foreman or Steward must have a positive outlook and good follow
through.  They must make sure to have correct information in order to dispel
rumors.  They must gather all the facts before making a decision or passing

Tips for success:
  • Keep current on M.O.S.T., Common Arc, and TWIC certifications
  • Be dependable and responsible
  • Don't let absenteeism, drugs, or alcohol interfere with job performance
  • Be fair and non-discriminatory
  • Keep accurate records
  • Educate your fellow members and set an example by being a good union
  • Deal with small problems before they become big problems
  • Be the eyes and ears for Local 92