Boilermakers Local 92
Boilermaker National Apprenticeship Program (BNAP)
The Boilermaker National Apprenticeship Fund was established in November 1959 to create a national program for training
future Boilermakers.  In 1990, the National Training Complex opened in Kansas City, Kansas, to supplement training at the local
and regional levels.  Instructors at the National Training Complex teach all Boilermaker skills at the Apprentice level.  The
Apprentice Fund also provides for Apprentice Instructor training, Foreman training, and Journeyman skills upgrades.  The
Apprenticeship program has seven state-of-the-art, mobile training centers that can go wherever needed.

The program was established to promote efficient, high quality, field construction performed by skilled craftsmen in the
Boilermaker trade.  The program provides an opportunity for a person to work through self-studies, on-the-job training, and to
participate in classroom instruction at the National Training Complex, in Kansas City, or local training centers throughout the
United States.

Some requirements that a Boilermaker Apprentice must meet, within four years, to become a Journeyman are completion of:
  • 576 hours of classroom instruction
  • 48 self-study lessons
  • 21 on-the-job modules on Boilermaker fundamentals
  • Performance based testing prior to advancement
  • Minimum 6000 work hours
  • 2000 Hour probation period
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