Boilermakers Local 92
The Boilermaker Advantage
Boilermakers Local 92 is a customer service oriented
organization.  We provide dedicated, loyal, skilled
craftsmen to do your job right the first time, on time or
ahead of schedule, and at or under budget, with an
incredible safety record.  With skill and safety being
our foremost priorities, we pride ourselves in giving
our contractors and their clients the best possible
service, in the most cost-effective way.  Our Business
Manager and Business Agents are on call 24 hours
per day, seven days per week.  Local 92
Boilermakers understand that we owe it to our
contractors/clients to be productive and to use all of
our expertise to benefit the entire industry.  This is the
message that we share with our members and this is
what our clients can expect from us.
Bloomington. CA 92316
909-877-8318 Fax