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Office Hours
Monday - Friday
7am - 12pm & 1pm - 3:30pm
Training Facility Hours
Tuesday & Wednesday
7:00am - 3:30pm
Welcome To Our Website
After much research and investigation, we have developed a website that will best serve the needs of Local 92 members, in the
most cost effective manner.  The intent of this website is to provide members and guests with easy access to information about
Local 92, our training programs, and member benefits.  We want to reach as many members as possible with Local 92's
newsletter.  So, you will find a
News Page that will contain our bi-monthly newsletter which will list current events and training
schedules.  There is an information page for our contractors, as well.  We want our contractors to realize the benefits of using
Local 92 Boilermakers.  We hope you find our site informative.
Boilermakers Local 92                                                                                

National Health and Welfare, Pension, Annuity                                      
Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm, Central Standard Time                             

Mental Health, Substance Abuse (call before admittance)                  

Medical Case Manager, Preferred Providers - 24 hours/365 days              
Inpatient Admission & Nurse line                                                               
Prescription Drug Information - Express Scripts                                    

Job Line                                                                                                           

National Reserve Center                                                     


Common Arc                                                                                                   

Union Plus                                                                                                    
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"The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more." - Jonas Salk
Business Representatives / Lodge Officers
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Business Manager / Secretary-Treasurer.                Mark Thomas
Business Rep - Apprentice Coordinator.                   Jay Rojo
Business Rep - Field / Shop, Instructor                     Oscar Davila   
Business Rep - Field / Shop                                    
 Johnny Bernal

Oscar S Davila
Vice President                                                           Reed Blevins
Recording Secretary                                                 Jay Rojo
Inspector                                                                   M
ike Dake
Trustee Chairman                                                     J
esus Arredondo
Trustee                                                                     J
ohnny Bernal
Gerald Graham
2260 S Riverside Avenue
Bloomington, CA 92316
909-877-8318 Fax
2260 Riverside Avenue
Bloomington, CA 92316.

Boilermakers Local 92
  • From the 10 Freeway
  • Exit Riverside Ave, go south 1/2 mile
  • Turn right on Mindanao Avenue (across
    from Unocal Tank Farm)
  • Then turn right into first drive.
Out of Work List
To remain on the "Out of Work List" you
must call the hall no later than every 14
days to remain current on the out of
work list and to be available for work.  
Per Local 92 Referral Rules: To
remain on the Out of Work List a
member may not be employed by any
other employer, union or non-union.
Union Meetings
Meetings are open to Boilermaker members in good standing, and are held at Boilermakers Local 92.
Meetings are called to order at 10:00am, the second Saturday of January, March, May, July, September, & November.
Monthly Dues   Field                                                    $44.50
                         Shop                                                    $4
Field Construction Dues                                            6% of gross wages
Sick Dues                                                                      $2

Dues - Must be paid by the first day of each month, for the current month, (i.e. January's dues must be paid by January 1st).  If your
dues payment is late one month, your membership is considered in arrears.  If your dues payment is late two months, your
membership will be suspended and you will be removed from the job.

Local 92 makes every effort to send a courtesy, late notice; however, if you do not receive a courtesy, late notice, it is your
responsibility to keep your dues current.  Dues paid in advance are not refundable.

Sick Dues - Per the Boilermaker International Constitution:
  • Article 31.4.1 - Eligibility: When a member is rendered unable to work for any calendar month and has not worked more
    than four (4) days in that month because of sickness or disability; such member may apply for a sick receipt.
  • Article 31.4.2 - Invalidation: If it is found that a member fraudulently received  Local Lodge sick receipt while gainfully
    employed, such receipt shall be invalidated and that member required to pay full dues for each month involved.
"It's not what you pay a man but what he costs you that counts." - Will Rogers
Boilermakers Local 92
Los Angeles, CA
c. 1946
Boilermakers Local 92
Bloomington, CA
1989 - Present
Out of Work List
Business Reps/Officers

913-342-6555 or







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